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First Time Buyers

We LOVE to help first time buyers!  The sheer joy we see when renters stop making payments to their landlord and move in to their own home is so much fun!

Here's how the process works;

1. We connect you with a lender, or you can use one of your own choosing, whi after a credit check issues a pre-approval letter with a maximum price.
2. We start our home search with you. 
3. Once we find the right home, we submit an offer.  To do that, we need a $500 deposit check made out to the seller's brokerage, a copy of your pre-approval letter and of course, the written offer that we'll write together.
4. If your offer is accepted, we schedule a home inspection. Typical cost is in the $400 neighborhood
5. If the home inspection is satisfactory, we complete the Purchase & Sale (P&S) Agreement. 
6. The lender orders the home appraisal.  Typical cost is about $500.00.
7. If the appraisal is satisfactory, the lender starts the the rest of their process.
8. Within a couple of weeks before closing, the lender issues "mortgage committment".
9. The day of closing, we do a final walkthrough to be sure that the home is being delivered "broom clean" and in good condition.
10. We go to the closing table and sign a stack of documents - and hand you the keys to your new home!

Typical time from pre-approval to closing is about 60 days, as long as we can find the right home quickly.  But with us on your side we'll get it done!



This can be an exciting time!  For whatever reason, you no longer need the larger home your lived in for years.  It's time to reduce the workload of mowing the big lawn, shoveling more snow, maintaining and heating that "larger than we need" home.

We'll start the process by visiting your current home and researching the market.  We'll determine the optimum price for your home and may suggest repair or maintenance items that will get your home sold more quickly and at a higher price.

As we bring your home to market with our 53-point marketing plan, we'll help you to find the perfect new home.

We'll negotiate with buyers - and we'll make sure their pre-approval isn't one of the worthless ones that some lenders still give out like candy.

Our strategy for getting the highest possible price for your home includes:

- Listing it on the right day of the week.  This is critical to the next point - and many agents don't even know this strategy!
- Managing the first showings to increase the chances of a bidding war among buyers.  While not always successful, we recently used this strategy to sell a home in Quincy Center at $59,600 over the asking price!
- Diligent marketing to our database of buyers and investors.
- Aggressive open house schedule, including a "brokers only" open house to promote your home to local agents.
- Professional photography of your home to show it in its best light.
- Video walkthrough, so buyers can really get the feel of your home
- Professional digital marketing package, including paid social media advertising

We'll also negotiate with the sellers of your new home to be sure we get the best possible price and terms for you - and we'll walk right by your side until both sales are complete and you've settled into your new home!


Move-up Buyers

Is your family growing?  Running out of space?

Whether you have parents moving in with you, your having more kids of your own or just need more space, we're here to help!

We have specialized search programs that can find those rare in-law suites or homes with both extra living area and more bedrooms.

While these kinds of homes are in big demand, we have the ability to alert you within 15 minutes of a target home coming on the market!

This means that we can get you in to see a home and even submit an offer if it's the right one, anywhere from one to three days before most of the market (like Zillow and Trulia) even know that the home is for sale!

Add this to our finely tuned marketing strategy for your current home (as described above) and you have a winning combination that will get your current home sold at the highest possible price and in the shortest possible time!


Whatever your needs, call us at 781-412-4151 and we'll offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.  Call today!