Clear Sailing Realty

Clear Sailing Realty
185 Black Cat Rd.
Plymouth, MA02360
Mobile: 781-470-9111
Office: 781-412-4151


Agents - are you looking for a better deal? 

Well, we think we have one for you.  Here's what our agents receive:



- Company-provided leads - we have several lead generation programs running and cannot keep up with them!

- Guidance with your own lead generation.  STOP wasting money on Zillow, Trulia and!  We'll show you what works.

- TWO ADDITIONAL INCOME OPPORTUNITIES to broaden your base of business in advance of the next bubble.

1. We'll teach you how to sell businesses with or without real estate.
2. We'll also set you up to broker hard money (rehab / construction) loans and teach you how to find and work with flippers.

No mortgage broker's license is needed as these loans are not for owner-occupied properties. 

When the next 2007-type crash happens, it will be awfully nice to have two other lines of business to keep you out of the poor house!

- Training and coaching. The company owner has 30 years in sales and sales management and has helped dozens of sales people to make more money. Call any time to brainstorm, strategize, navigate tough negotiations or just to chat.  We have a vast array of scripts and drip campaigns for you to use too!

- Outstanding legal support from our in-house attorney with 25 years in the business.

- Company-paid $1M E&O Policy from Pearl Insurance.

- No mandatory NAR/MAR membership.  We'd rather see you put that $500+ toward marketing and making yourself some money.

- Multiple Agent Websites for promoting yourself - and unlimited single-property websites for your listings.

- No "big company BS".  No mandatory desk time (AKA unpaid secretarial work!), no mandatory broker caravans, no mandatory "rally events" or conventions, infrequent company meetings.

Work from home and make your own schedule.  We think you're smart enough and self-disciplined enough to handle it.

Company meetings are done on your smart phone, tablet or laptop using Google Hangouts.  You can "attend" from your kitchen table or home office.

- Flexibility.  We operate from our cars, homes and coffee shops.  We use our tablets, laptops and cell phones as our office. 

That means no sitting with 10 other agents in the "bullpen" hammering out prospecting calls with all that noise!

Instead, make your calls from the comfort of your own home. You can even wear your bathrobe and fuzzy bunny slippers while you're calling clients!

- Generous splits! Our philosophy is that agents should make a LOT of money and we'll help you to do it.

- Agent Marketing CRM / marketing system provided FREE to agents. (

- Established, successful systems to make life easier.


We're looking for hard working agents all over eastern Massachusetts - from  Worcester to the coast - everywhere except the Cape and Islands - agents who are willing to work hard for the rewards they want.

We require a valid MA Real Estate license, a 100% unwavering focus on our client's needs and a complete committment to our core principle of ethics before profits.

If you're a licensed agent or are about to become one and you can consistently invest at least 30 hours per week in this career, call or e-mail Charlie MacPherson, Owner of Clear Sailing Realty at 781-412-4151 and let's chat!