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Commercial Properties

The Commercial Division of Clear Sailing Realty, LLC. specializes in:

- Business Brokering - selling small to medium sized businesses with or without real estate transacting.

- Commercial real estate.  From large multi-family residential to retail and office space.

- Investment Properties.  We identify "fix & flip" opportunities for investors, run comps and provide estimated ARVs.  We also help "buy & hold" investors to find and analyze properties for their portfolio.


Financing for commercial acquisitions:

We have established relationships with commercial lenders, including:

- Local banks who offer portfolio and other commercial lending.

- Hard money lenders.  These are short-medium term loans and are ideally suited for rapid asset aquisition, bridge financing and other creative financing needs.  They are the most common loan type for our "fix & flip" investors.


Ready to Sell your Business?

There are a number of important steps to getting your business ready for sale.  Follow these and you'll not only maximize your sale price, you'll get the sale completed a lot more quickly and give your successor the greatest chance of success.

1. Gather your financials.  Buyers typically want to see 3 years of tax returns, P&Ls and balance sheets.  Many will also want to do some forensic accounting, so have 3 years worth of invoices and expense receipts ready too.

2. Clear up any outstanding debts, liens or lawsuits against your business.  These will be critical to getting the highest price.

3. If you lease the property, verify that at least in principle, your lease can be transferred.  Normally, the landlord will need to approve the buyer.

4. Ensure that any licenses required are up to date and that there are no zoning violations.

5. Be sure your web presence and social media are up to date and feature robust content.

6. Secure employment contracts with mission-critical employees whenever possible.

7. Be sure your business operations are well documented.  Not only policies and procedures, but also suppliers and distributors.

8. Document ALL business income.  If you have been taking cash under the table, the business will be valued as though that money never existed.  It also can give the buyer the idea that you may not be trustworthy.  Ask your CPA, but consider getting all cash income reported and restating the last 3 years income taxes and P&Ls.

9. Decide whether you want to sell the business itself or only the assets of the business.  Selling the business transfers the liabilities, which in some cases can make the sale less attractive to a buyer.  Discuss this with your attorney.

10. Ensure that the physical plant looks it's best.  Just like a consumer buying a house, those first impressions make a big difference.  Be sure that you present the best "curb appeal" possible.  Scrub, organize and neaten everything in sight - inside and out.  And be sure that all signage is clean and in good repair.