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Are you thinking of selling your home?

It's a big decision.  In fact, it's one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make.  Here are some steps toward getting it right.

1. Take stock of what you have.  If your home suffers from 30 years worth of deferred maintenance, it's time to catch up - unless you're willing to take a beating on the sales price.  Focus on the four things that influence the percieved value of a home:

- Curb appeal.  Exterior painting, the roof and landscaping.  
- Kitchen.  Consider new appliances and granite or quartz countertops.
- Bathrooms.  Consider reconditioning / re-glazing the shower and tub, replacing the vanity and sink and freshening up paint.
- Closets.  Clean closets out to make them look more spacious to buyers.  


2. Select an Agent to work with.  This is the most important step in marketing your home.  Get this step wrong and your home will linger on the market so long that buyers will think that there must be something wrong with it.

First and foremost, you should understand the agent's marketing plan.  In many cases, it's a simple three-step plan.

1. List it on MLS.
2. Put a sign in your yard.
3. Pray.

At Clear Sailing Realty, we do so much more that prayer isn't required!

We use finely tuned strategies to position your home for the most exposure and to optimize our chances of starting a bidding war!

Did you know that there is a best day of the week to list?  There is - and it makes all the difference.

How about open house events?  Do you know how to maximize the results from that event?  We do.  We even know how to set them up to create a buyer frenzy!

And when your agent gets an offer, do you know the ONE key question needed to distinguish a strong pre-approval from one that's worthless?

We know the questions and we know how to get the right answers too.  

Failure to ask this one question can easily result in your sale blowing up and putting your now-stigmatized home back on the market!


3. Know your agent's hobby.  Mine is wildlife photography.  Everything from polar bears to tropical birds.  

However, the majority of licensed agents see REAL ESTATE as their hobby.  They do it part time, between soccer games, shopping, movies, PTA meetings and everything else that gets in the way of selling your home.

Using an agent who is less than full-time really handicaps a seller.  Part time agents are much less available when documents need to be signed, inspections and appraisals need to be scheduled or when a qualified buyer wants to see your home in the middle of the workday.

Case in point: We recently worked to help a military widow to buy a home on the South Shore.  Sadly, the seller's agent was a part-timer who worked full time at Newport Creamery.  A nice enough guy to be sure, but when we needed documents signed, contractors scheduled or answers from the seller, he was serving ice cream.  That sale was a lot more stressful than it needed to be - and nearly fell apart more than once.


4. Set your price strategically.  This is the single most common mistake made by sellers.  "Let's start high.  We can always come down in price later."  

That sounds good if you say it fast.  

But the reality is that when you overprice your home, all of the sellers who are currently looking will take one glance, decide that you're trying to gouge them on the price, and then they walk away, and are very unlikely to return.

If you start with your price too high, you've lost all of the "currently looking" pool of buyers that you had when you listed.  Now all you'll have left is those new buyers who are trickling into the market. 

Your ship has sailed, and you weren't on it.

Want a truly gutsy strategy for a seller's market?  UNDER price your home.  Put your $500,000 home on the market for $475,000 and two things will happen.  First, my phone will melt down from all of the showing requests.  Second, we'll get multiple offers from competing buyers.

We recently did this in Quincy Center (55 Mary St).  The single-family home had an actual market value (supported by comps) at $400,000.  We listed at $375,000 and implemented the other steps necessary to generate a bidding war.

We received 7 offers the next day and sold at $434,600, which was $59,600 above asking and $34,600 over the actual market value - plus we were able to get the high bidder to waive their home inspection contingency.

Not every market will support this kind of result, but in a seller's market like this, it's worth a try!


5. Prepare for showings and open house events.  We'll share our top secrets for showing a home that you still live in.  

Ask for our "Top 15 Tips" document - it's free!


6. Execute our 53-Point Marketing Plan.  We take full advantage of social media, paid advertising on Facebook, Google and push your property's marketing campaign to hundreds of websites - both local and international.  We even promote your listing to the vast Chinese market!  

We publish a unique website for your property.  We add a "text for info" sign to your "for sale" sign so passers by can get a PDF of your property information in an instant.  When they do, we are notified immediately and follow up with a quick phone call to answer any questions the buyer might have.

Want a no-cost, no-obligation consultation?  Just contact is at 781-412-4151 and we'll find a good time to chat.